Welcome to Eagle Web Designs:

Your custom website design and hosting company

Why choose Eagle Web Designs?

  • We do NOT outsource any part of any web design project. All projects are done in-house, which means faster turn around time and updating ability.
  • Every website designer and programmer that works here LOVES what they do.
  • We guarantee custom designs, not cookie-cutter templates.
  • We host websites on our own state of the art servers, but will work with your hosting company if you prefer.
  • We offer awesome customer service.
  • We are an all American company.

We believe that you as a client should be able to get what you want and have great customer service as well, with the lowest prices possible. That is why we not only offer many different custom website design and hosting packages, but we can also customize any package to fit your needs.

What do we mean by custom website design?

If you have ever used a do-it-yourself website program, then you know that no matter what they promise, you are still limited to certain graphics, images, and layouts. Another issue with the do-it-yourself programs is search engine compatability. Most of these programs are not well liked by search engines, which means your site will be very difficult or impossible to find.

Custom means the website is designed the way you want.

This includes the graphic layout, colors, fonts, etc. and also means that search engine compatability is coded into every website page.
Also, do-it-yourself programs do not conform to todays strict html/css standards. By building a custom website, your pages can and should be coded with the latest standards. Without this, the website may not appear correct in various browsers.

Still not sure if you need a custom website design company?
Do you have questions about hosting?

Visit our website design page and hosting page to educate yourself before making your final decision. Or, contact us by phone at 843-602-9327 or by email at support@EagleWebDesigns.com.
Our customer support team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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